Substandard IT Service

Most providers operate solely for profit, thereby offering low-grade solutions that work for a short time,
or not at all.

Boost productivity with a fully managed IT

Technology reinforces practically everything in the workplace of today. When it is not working as it should be, it would cause a massive damper on growth, productivity, employee, and customer satisfaction, and all these play a huge role in your business’s success.

To guarantee that your entire IT infrastructure is working effectively and efficiently, Intelligent IT Solutions specialists employ a proactive approach. We monitor your systems round-the-clock to detect issues before they cause any trouble and we do all this in the background so you will not encounter any distraction. Our specialists will even analyse trends to spot recurring themes and repair them.

Our industry-proven solutions include:

Quick response from
expert engineers

Whenever you encounter IT issues that require immediate assistance, our Cardiff-based service desk will assign a certified engineer to address your problem within 10 minutes.

Customer satisfaction

We closely monitor customer satisfaction by actively requesting your feedback. If you are not 100% happy, a senior manager or team lead will personally contact you and address the issue.

Industry expertise

All our engineers constantly undergo skill development and training sessions with clear goals, qualifications, and targets to make sure they can solve any problem.

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