Noncompliance with Standards

Businesses of all sizes from every industry must reduce digital risks and stay compliant with industry and government regulations.

Meet GDPR demands with Intelligent IT Solutions support

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new requirement obligating all businesses that gather, store, and manage private info of European citizens to abide by its standards. It has been established to make sure that you protect your clients’ and employees’ data. Do keep in mind that those who are not GDPR-compliant and have not processed their EU citizen data can be fined up to 4% global turnover or €20M.

Working with Intelligent IT Solutions will help you create a reasonable, working balance between the new regulations’ demands and your business’s needs. We do this by auditing your data process and management, and by making sure that you know how data is stored, acquired, and deleted all through its lifecycle within your company.

Intelligent IT Solutions guarantee 100% compliance through:


We schedule GDPR health check reports, awareness workshops, and legal seminars (in partnership with Head Solicitors) to give you basic knowledge about GDPR.


We provide audit data management process, privacy impact assessment, data flow mapping, and data lifecycle to determine whether you abide by the GDPR.


We offer recommendations as to how you can properly use and access personal data, and conduct documentation development.


We establish security controls to dodge, monitor, and respond to data breaches and vulnerabilities, and offer cybersecurity assessments.


To be able to evaluate your compliance level, we provide several reports, including GDPR, detailed Gap Analysis, GDPR high-level Readiness Assessment, and much more.

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