Cyberattacks cause serious damage to major corporations around the globe, yet what you do not realise is that your small- or medium-sized enterprise is the perfect target.

Control risk and manage threats with cybersecurity solutions

Data is crucial when operating a business in a digitally advanced environment, especially since it is the culmination of all your hard work. Your business cannot function without it, and losing it would be devastating.

The only way to counter this is by implementing Intelligent IT Solutions’s robust defences, which will give you freedom to access your data always, no matter where you are, whilst making sure it is completely secure and easily recoverable. Furthermore, we also offer cybersecurity training for your staff so they will know how to detect hints of a possible cyberthreat and react accordingly.

Backed by compliance standards

Intelligent IT Solutions is Cyber Essentials accredited, which means we abide by stringent procedures to guarantee that your confidential information will never get lost or compromised. We know you also have your own strict regulations to comply with in terms of your clients’ and employees’ data so we make sure that your technology never puts you at risk of non-compliance.


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