Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted Virtual desktop technology is an innovative new method for delivering desktops to end users. Part of the ‘cloud computing’ concept, a hosted virtual desktop looks and acts exactly like a traditional PC but, instead of residing locally, all software and data are housed in our state-of-the-art data centres. Hosted desktops offer numerous advantages in terms of cost savings, security, resilience, flexibility and reduced management.

Hosted desktops are beginning to replace the traditional idea that all office staff must have a full PC sitting beneath their desks. Of course, in today’s world businesses need their employees to have access to computers to communicate and to perform all manner of tasks. However, the way in which this can be facilitated is evolving. Buying, setting up and maintaining PCs is an expensive exercise, especially when you factor in the associated management time and costs. Hosted Desktops removes this headache by providing you with a hosted desktop environment, which you can connect to from anywhere via the internet – in the office, at home, or even abroad.

Hosted Virtual Desktop - Cardiff, Newport, Swansea

Anywhere, Any Device

Wherever you are you can connect to YOUR hosted virtual desktop. Our networks allow you secure access from any location you wish, which means that you can join colleagues as if you were in the office. Connect from PC, IPAD, Mac or Thin Client.

Hosted Virtual Desktop - Cardiff, Newport, Swansea

Windows 7 Experience

Whether you are migrating from another operating system, or just moving from on-premise to the cloud, you want to take advantage of Microsoft’s latest technology with-out the costs.

Hosted Virtual Desktop - Cardiff, Newport, Swansea

Rich Media and Flash

Watch movies in high-definition, as well as other rich media from your virtual desktop. This feature takes the next step in delivering a real desktop experience via the cloud.

Reliability and uptime

Our systems are built for High Availability, with redundancy, multi-site failover and more. You need never be without your hosted desktop, nor do you need to worry about losing your data – our systems guarantee round the clock protection.

Hosted Virtual Desktop - Cardiff, Newport, Swansea

Management Suite

If you require control over your files and folders we can provide you with a Management Suite that enables you to create user groups, manage user and folder permissions, edit group policies etc.

Why Unique?

A virtual desktop platform allows for true user customisation within an environment. So you can install any line of business applications you wish, configure look at feel and all manner of things to suit your needs.

Unique Features

  • Windows 7 environment
  • Full virtual machine desktop
  • Fully personalise
  • HD Video acceleration
  • Install any windows application
  • Isolated, Dedicated resources
Unique Features

  • World’s Largest Platform
  • 9 Worldwide datacentres
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Scale from 1-1000+ users

How does it work?

A hosted desktop is a fully-functioning remote workstation. Instead of being held on local hardware, all software and data is housed in our state-of-the-art data centres. The screen data is then sent via the internet, to an end-user’s device (such as a PC or thin client), whilst industry-standard encryption ensures security. Keystrokes and mouse movements are then relayed from the workstation to our data centres. This is an entirely seamless process and the end user’s Windows experience is identical to that offered by a traditional desktop PC, allowing interaction with the exact same applications in the exact same way.

Key Benefits

All you need is a PC, laptop, thin client or mobile device and an internet connection. We do the rest. Because we provide you with a full Windows environment with all the functionality you’d expect, you’d never know you weren’t using a PC. Additional applications can be installed on demand, whilst we backup, manage and maintain the hosted desktops for you, ensuring they’re available 24/7.

Financially Economical
Rather than investing in depreciating assets, which require high CapEx initially and then continue to be a drain on your resources, choosing hosted desktops means you no longer have to splash out on PC infrastructure or office applications. Instead, a transparent subscription-per-user model ensures predictable costs and great value for money.
Add resources on-demand
Scale resources up and down as you need them. Need more storage space, RAM or CPU? No problem – just click a button. Our cloud computing infrastructure can deliver resources to you instantly
Cut your carbon footprint
Rising energy costs, combined with government-imposed financial penalties on carbon production, make cutting your power consumption a vital consideration. Virtual Hosted desktops allow you to make significant savings – accessing them via a thin client means using only 10% of the power a normal PC does.
Shared File Storage
If you require a centralised storage area then our Shared File Storage is ideal for you. We offer highly available secure storage that can be shared to your virtual desktop environment as a mapped drive or connect from anywhere.
USB Redirection
Our Hosted Desktop solution features USB redirection which allows you to carry on accessing your external USB drive as you would on a regular desktop.
Bi-Directional Audio
Provides 2 way audio by redirecting your build in/external microphone through to your hosted desktop letting you take advantage of Skype, VOIP and UC
Service Level Guarantee
Ensure your services are managed to be available 99.99% of the time, incorporated in the service.
Disaster recovery / backup
If your office is condemned, for instance, and you cannot go back inside it, hosted desktops allow you immediate access from another location – so you can go to any other office and get working again, or work from home, or even a coffee shop.

Free yourself from desktop management

Hosted desktops remove the burden of managing individual desktop environments in-house, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business and maximising turnover. Information is stored in our highly secure data centres and delivered to you via any internet browser, so your own, fully customisable desktop can be accessed wherever you are, whenever you want. It is exactly the same as using a PC – simply plug into your broadband connection and you’re ready to go.

Simple, easy migration

Moving over to cloud computing sounds difficult but is in fact quite a simple process. The idea behind cloud computing and hosted desktops is that they provide the same features, tools and ways of working, but with a different method of accessing them. In addition, whilst the services feel familiar, behind the scenes they bring a raft of benefits, such as a disaster recovery and Business Continuity solution built-in to the services.

It’s virtually the same…

Users sometimes create the biggest challenge for organisations looking to deploy new IT technology or ideas. Fortunately, HVD’s work in exactly the same way as traditional PCs. By keeping the end-user experience familiar you achieve higher levels of satisfaction, no training costs… just a quick and seamless roll out process.

  • Install and Customise Apps
  • Customise Desktop
  • Personalise
  • Active Directory
  • Integration with Existing I.T

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